2017 Goals


  1. Obtain a legal job – DONE!
    • As I am in my second last year of university, I am seeking to obtain a part-time employment position within as a legal secretary, legal assistant, legal receptionist or law clerk etc.
  2. Save $$$
    • I am only twenty-one, however I already stress about money and being unable to afford things in the future! (Mum says I shouldn’t but I can’t help it – I really shouldn’t worry but what harm is there in saving money..!
  3. Cook more
    • I really got my Mum’s cooking vibe, as in, just don’t really enjoy cooking so I’ve never put in the effort to learn! I will try to bake a few hearty dishes a month for the family, and hopefully remember them for the future.
  4. Venture out
    • I want to venture out and discover new places – beaches, cafes, restaurants, bars etc. I will review them on here for you! Any recommendations? Send me a message (Sydney,Β NSW)
  5. Learn to relax/be present/take time out for ME
    • Uni stresses me out like crazy. I have anxiety, I’m a perfectionist and I (apparently) put so much pressure on myself. I’ve began to see a Chinese Medicine practitioner and have been getting acupuncture – they advocate that food is medicine, and stress (no pun intended) the importance of being present and taking time out for you.
  6. Exercise more
    • Again, balancing university commitments and exercise is proving super difficult. This first semester at uni has been the most difficult in my 4 years, so when exams are over – gym, walks, better eating – yes please!

Updated – 29/05/17