A short view into the future

This may sound ridiculous to some, but here’s a snapshot of my ideal future.

I’m twenty-one years of age. In a few years I will have an absurd HECS debt (double degree at university – $50,000, PLUS college of law – $10,000); my bank account will probably go into the negatives with the amount of travel I plan to do before I graduate; and combined with general living expenses, owning a car, having a social life etc., by the start of 2019, I will most likely still be living at home trying to save ‘my life.’

A girl can still dream, right?

SO, those things aside. Here it goes.



2018 is the year my five years at university comes to an end. No more study, no more assessments… definitely kidding. To be admitted as a solicitor, you have to do college of law, which is an extra six months on top of your degree where you complete more assessments, and have to do an 80 day placement with a firm. So, in 2019 with all things going to plan, I will be admitted as a solicitor around June/July, and have hopefully secured a graduate position with a firm. I want to be known for being strong in my professional life.


I will be settling down into my career this year, whatever area of law that is. I’ll most likely be working ridiculous hours and have the crappy office as the ‘newbie’ in the firm. Have to start somewhere. I will be saving SO much money (alongside my boyfriend) to hopefully buy a place together – apartment/house. Two incomes is better than one, right? Especially when you’re both on the same page. I’d love to travel to Europe this year too. I’ve done Europe in winter, so travelling there in Summer would be perfect. Greece, Croatia, Italy, France… yes please.

2021 and onwards

Who knows what is going to happen in the future, honestly. One small decision or action can change your entire path. Yet in saying that, in terms of love, to say you’ve found your soulmate is pretty exciting but serious. And I 100% think I have. I was never really a big believer in love at first sight, until I met him. After that date, I just knew. To travel together, experience life and make memories by each others side, and eventually marry and have kids, there is just so much to look forward to.