Dinner at Opah Restaurant


This is hands down my favourite restaurant I have ever been to. Its location, upstairs on the corner of the Kingsway and Gerrale Street, gives Opah views of North Cronulla beach and the busy Cronulla streets.

Opah serves (absolutely delicious) Greek cuisine, has a relaxed atmosphere and has an indoor (seats 120), outdoor (seats 40) and bar seating area (seats 50). I would definitely recommend arriving with an empty stomach, ready to leave stuffed but satisfied.

Their $45 Greek Yum Cha menu is worth every cent, offering Greek salads, dips, haloumi,   chicken to spit roast lamb. You could order 5 plates of haloumi if you wanted to – well worth your money. If you go with friends, you can order a variety of entrees as share plates, ranging from dips, fried calamari, bbq octopus, lamb/chicken souvlaki to Greek sausages.

If you do feel like having your own meal, $35 will have you full to capacity. Choose your meat (spit roast lamb – would definitely recommend this, bbq octopus, barramundi to prawns), which is served with a Greek salad, pita bread and your choice of vegetables or chips.


Their cocktail jugs are also delicious – for $25, you can get roughly four and a half cups.

This is a restaurant I go with my boyfriend almost every week and have always had incredible service and amazing food! The staff are relaxed but attentive, the food comes out promptly, and the drinks are delicious. Roughly about $100 for two people.


New Monday / New Week / New Goals

Everyone at some point in their life has said “my diet starts Monday” or “I will start exercising on Monday”. It seems logical to start fresh at the beginning of the week: we have a clearer mindset, we forget all that chocolate or alcohol we had on the weekend because it doesn’t matter as “it’s Monday”, and we also forget the minimal exercise we did last week as it’s time to start fresh.

SOMy 3 goals for this week:

  1. Catch up with a friend (social)
    • Life is inevitably a natural rollercoaster, and aside from family, you will always need someone’s support, trust and companionship. As you grow older, you discover that it is quality over quantity. You may have three incredibly close friends, over 15 friends you see every few weeks. But you know those three will always be there for you and that is what’s special. It is so important to maintain that. Effort goes two ways.
  2. Go to three classes at the gym (physical)
    • I am a Law and Journalism student, so for most of the year I am either stressed or sitting at my desk! I joined the gym recently to regain the fitness I have lost over the years and to have a break from studying the many hours of the day. I have found I really enjoy ‘body pump’ – it’s a weights-based class that fits in with my schedule.
  3. Take time out for you (mental)
    • This is something I also never do. I am so preoccupied with studying or working and never take time out for myself. I stress myself out like crazy over uni work so even if I take 20 minutes to read a book, sit in the sun or go on a walk listening to music, that is a really big step.

Think about this

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be, and how you want to feel – energies are contagious.

This really is something for me to think about in 2017. I want to grow confidently as a person this year. I want to be around people that talk about the future, their dreams or new ideas. People who are positive, ones that encourage you, support you and help you grow.  And hopefully by the end of 2017, I will be that person for someone.

Breakfast at Blackwood Pantry


Tucked away in an alley way of Cronulla Mall, you find one of Cronulla’s most buzzing cafes. Having only been opened for one year, Blackwood Pantry has certainly earned their reputation.

Its modern x industrial decor combined with its vibrant atmosphere and exotic menu, makes it the perfect place for a casual dining experience.


Basil yoghurt, Turkish poached eggs, quinoa falafel bowl and grilled octopus are a few things from the menu – not to mention their fresh paleo muffins daily (which are delicious). There is something for everyone – vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and paleo.

I ordered the ‘Avocado, Tomato and Goats cheese’ which comes out on sourdough toast with a balsamic glaze and dukkah seasoning. Absolutely delicious!


Perfect brunch spot with a short stroll to South Cronulla beach afterwards.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

How is it so close to Christmas when 2016 felt like it started yesterday?

Take some ideas if you still have shopping to do:


  • Spa voucher – facial, massage ($$$)
  • Nail treatment – manicure, pedicure, nail painting ($)
  • Hair treatment ($$)
  • Body creams ($)
  • Bath bombs (Lush – https://au.lush.com/products/bath) ($)
  • Movie tickets – gold class ($$)
  • Clothes – dress, shorts, jacket, corporate attire ($ – $$)
  • Jewellery – earrings, rings (Pandora have some great designs), bracelet ($$)
  • Sandals ($$)
  • Photo frame with you/siblings ($)
  • Restaurant voucher ($ – $$$)
  • Candle (Ecoya – Sweet Pea and Jasmine is fantastic – http://www.ecoya.com) ($)


  • Movie tickets – gold class ($$)
  • Dress shirts ($$)
  • T-shirts ($)
  • Board shorts ($)
  • Speakers ($$)
  • Restaurant voucher ($ – $$$)
  • Experiences e.g. race track driving ($$$)
  • Alcohol – their favourite bottle or one for you both to share ($$)
  • Headphones ($$)
  • Hammock ($)
  • DVD’s ($)


  • Make up / make up vouchers ($ – $$)
  • Beauty vouchers – eyebrows, nails, hair ($)
  • Books – general, cookbooks, magazine subscription ($)
  • Clothes – dress, shorts, shirts ($ – $$)
  • Shoes ($)
  • Candle ($)
  • Active wear – Lorna Jane, The Upside, Cotton On Body ($$)
  • Swimsuit ($ – $$)
  • Planners (for organisation) – Kikki K (https://www.kikki-k.com) is my favourite shop in the world.
  • Scratch map ($)
  • Sunglasses ($ – $$)


  • Alcohol ($$)
  • Dress shirts ($$)
  • Cologne ($ – $$)
  • Indoor skydiving voucher ($$)
  • Headphones ($$)
  • Runners ($$)
  • Active wear – Nike, Adidas
  • Sunglasses ($ – $$)
  • Belt ($)

Teacher/Boss/Work Colleague

  • Candle ($)
  • Diffusers ($)
  • Gold class tickets ($$)
  • Tea set from T2 ($)

A Welcome to Twenties View

My name is Abbey, the girl behind the page that posts what is relevant to people in their twenties!

I’m a fourth year university student and work part time, I love to learn about health and wellbeing and am extremely interested in seeing what the world has to offer. I love to be organised and even love studying, and I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve learnt from my parents.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, and thought that 2017 is my year to grow, take chances and do what I’ve always wanted to do. Stay tuned for all things travel, food, health, organisation, life in general and goals related posts – I’m sure we can learn a thing or two off each other.

– Abbey