Fourth Year – Semester 1: Tick

This semester absolutely smashed me. Quick summary: cried almost every week, completed twenty assignments/exams over 13 weeks, stopped exercising, put on some kg’s and lost my social life. Nooo thank you.

Firstly, I am just an absolute ball of stress. I am a perfectionist, drifting through life placing unachievable standards on myself to achieve that perfect grade, outfit, exam or perception from others. So this clearly makes university fun! Being a Law and Journalism student, it’s super competitive. On the one hand, you’re surrounded by people who are used to being the ‘top of the class’ and ‘straight A students’ vs. a degree that requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box. This semester challenged me mentally, so let’s just look at what I completed –

Semester 1, 2017 (13 Weeks/Fourth Year)

Hours spent at university: 23 hours a week / 299 hours over the semester

Money spent on parking: $26.50 a week / $344.50 over the semester

Hours spent doing readings: roughly 18 hours a week / 234 hours over the semester

Money spent on coffee: $13.20 a week / $171.60 over the semester

My Timetable

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.36.03 pm

(Ha ha at the ‘gym’ parts…)

Okay no wonder I basically cried every week – 41 hours each week I spent focussed on nothing but uni work. Readings. Assignments. Tests. Exams. Seriouuuuusly. And because of this, I sacrificed my mental health.. my physical health.. my social life… oh dear.

My timetable for Semester 2, 2017 is still at 3 days per week, and working two days BUT:

Hours spent at university: 14 hours a week / 182 hours over the semester

Money spent on parking: $16.50 a week / $214.50 over the semester

So, my hours are almost halved! I will be able to go to the gym, catch up with friends, and even take some time out for me.